Hotpoint TCFS 83B GP.9 Freestanding Tumble dryer

Hotpoint TCFS 83B GP.9 Freestanding Tumble dryer


The Hotpoint TCFS 83B GP.9 Freestanding Tumble Dryer comes in a classic white finish to complement any setting and features an 8kg drum capacity. This appliance is designed to protect your garments and features some of our newest care technology. Features include the Fibre Care option, which has been specially designed for delicate clothes and, with the press of a button, automatically adjusts settings so that the lowest temperature is being used for a longer duration to ensure a thorough but gentle dry, Anti-Tangle technology, which uses a reverse tumble action to ensure that your clothes dry evenly and without tangling together to keep them looking better for longer, and our Anti-Ageing technology, which utilises an innovative wave drum design to lift clothes softly on a cushion of air to help maintain their natural softness and colour. This appliance also includes a large capacity water bottle, which means you can get through more loads without emptying, and our Purse Filter, which has a simple design making it easy to remove and empty without getting covered in fluff! MAIN SPECIFICATION

Capacity (kg): 8

Technology: Condenser

Energy Class: B

Spectrum: A+++ – D


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