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Hotpoint TVHM 80C P Freestanding Tumble dryer


The Hotpoint TVHM 80C P (UK) Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer comes in a classic crisp white finish to complement any household setting and boasts an amazing 8kg drum capacity. Features include Anti-Tangle technology, which uses a reverse tumble action to ensure that your clothes dry evenly and without tangling together to keep them looking better for longer, and our Anti-Ageing technology, which utilises an innovative wave drum design to lift clothes softly on a cushion of air to help maintain their natural softness and colour. This appliance also includes our Purse Filter, which has a simple design making it easy to remove and empty without getting covered in fluff! MAIN SPECIFICATION

Capacity (kg): 8

Technology: Air-vented

Energy Class: C

Spectrum: A+++ – D

Hotpoint TVHM 80C P Freestanding Tumble dryer

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