Montpellier DO3570IB Built In Double Oven

This Quality Double Oven gets built-in to your kitchen unit. The DO3570IB features 2 x Ovens, 1 Oven is a Simple Fan oven with a Fan Convection and a Defrost Function and the other Oven features a Grill with Full or Half Grill function, just bottom heat function and conventional top and bottom heat function where elements at the top and bottom of the oven heat up for traditional roasting and baking where the hottest part of the Oven is the top

  • Main Oven Fan, Second Oven Static with Grill
  • 70ltr Main Cavity, 35ltr Main Second Cavity
  • Programmable Electronic Timer
  • Enamel Lining for Easy Clean
  • Rotary Controls

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Montpellier DO3570IB Built In Double Oven

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