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Montpellier INT31T15 Induction Domino Hob


Our INT31T15 30cm induction domino hob is the perfect edition to your kitchen if you lack cooking space and want a stylish design. It also allows you the flexibility to mix and match your cooking styles to create a modern combination design. The induction technology also means the pan* is heated directly rather than wasting energy heating the cooking surface. As a result of this, food heats up quickly and there is little residual heat from the cooking surface. *Pan must have a high iron content due to induction working on magnetism.)

  • 2 Cooking Zones
  • Induction Technology
  • Front Touch Control
  • Hob Hot Indicator
  • Pre Determined 15min Cut-Off Timer

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Montpellier INT31T15 Induction Domino Hob

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